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Get to Know the SRAI Education and Professional Development Committee

By SRAI News posted 01-13-2022 10:52 AM


Get to Know the SRAI Education and Professional Development Committee

Research administration is a continuously evolving field with an ongoing need to train those new to the profession as well as those already established in it. Fortunately, SRAI has us covered thanks to the many members who volunteer their time through the Education and Professional Development Committee (EPDC).    

As a professional society, educational programming is one of the core benefits that SRAI provides to our members. SRAI’s vast array of programming, ranging from informal coffee talks to in-person training intensives and even self-guided training through LevelUP is always designed to help administrators be successful in their work. 

But who determines the programming that SRAI provides? And what is the EPDC, exactly? The EPDC is led by three co-chairs, Mark Hochman, Principal, Research Management Resources, Dara Little, Assistant VP for Research and Sponsored Programs, Northern Illinois University, and Susan Sedgwick, Principal, Attain Partners. Together, the co-chairs bring U.S. and international perspectives to research administration areas spanning everything from research development to science security. 

The real work of the EPDC exists within its two subcommittees (Certificate and Senior Executive Institute) and seven educational programming working groups (Clinical and Translational Research, Financial Management, Pre-Award/Research Development, Research Contracts and Law, Administration/Management, Leadership/Professional Development, and Research Ethics and Compliance). These subcommittees consist of many SRAI volunteers who keep the co-chairs informed of emerging issues and training needs and help identify speakers and content for SRAI’s programs. They may also present trainings and sessions themselves. 

The EPDC is a great group and are always looking for volunteers to join our subcommittees or working groups. If you have an interest in sharing your expertise and ideas for training, let us know! We’d love to have you. 

Authored by
Dara C. Little, MPA, Assistant Vice President for Research and Sponsored Programs

Northern Illinois University
EPDC Co-chair

Dr. Mark B. Hochman, PhD, Director
Research Management Resources
EPDC Co-chair

Dr. Susan Wyatt Sedwick, CRA, Senior Consulting Specialist
Attain Partners LLC
EPDC Co-Chair