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Check Out What Members are Saying About SRAI’s LevelUP!

By SRAI News posted 05-11-2023 12:28 PM


Check Out What Members are Saying About SRAI’s LevelUP!

SRAI’s LevelUP Micro-credentialing Program is a flexible and innovative way for individuals to gain in-demand skills and knowledge in the field of research administration. With courses focusing on Pre-Award, Award Negotiation and Set-Up, Post-Award, and other valuable lessons, LevelUP ensures you have the necessary skills to be an effective research administrator. LevelUP modules are available for institutions to purchase as training and professional development resources.

We recently asked some of the institutional users to tell us about their experiences.

Lisa Wisdom
Wayne State University

I got started in LevelUP because the central research administration for Wayne State University paid for the course for university research administration staff. LevelUP has impacted my professional development because by completing the modules and taking the quizzes it confirmed that I have gained a mastery after working 20-plus years in Research Administration. It allows me to continue to train others with confidence and authority. I would say that all the modules were valuable. They were well-written and easy to understand. I was very excited to know that I tested well after completing each course. I now encourage other administrators, especially the new hires to invest the time needed in taking the modules

Leena Kathuria
North Carolina State University 

I was drawn to the Research Administration Certification course by SRA International (SRAI) LevelUP in order to learn and deepen my knowledge about research administration. This course furthered my understanding of the award lifecycle and allowed me to have a better view of my position as a part of the whole picture. This course provided me the opportunity to learn about different funding agencies, governing laws, the history of research funding, budget calculation formulas, and the differences between contracts, grants, cooperative agreements, and other funding agreements. Thanks, SRAI for this wonderful opportunity!

Ta’Neika Blue
Emory University

I started with LevelUP when I was hired at Emory University. My director and supervisor enrolled me in the program to kick off my training as a research administrator. LevelUP impacted my professional development by motivating me to work towards what is next. At the time, I was not aware that we would receive badges to showcase our completion of each module, but I knew I wanted them all after receiving my first badge. I am proud for keeping the goal I set for myself by completing all SRAI modules and receiving Level 1-4 badges. All the modules were valuable! I am approaching my one-year anniversary as a research administrator and the continued learning in this role is a ton of information. The modules were helpful and correlated well with my day-to-day tasks

On top of earning CEUs with each course, SRAI provides its own micro-credential to further highlight your accomplishments. As you progress through the five levels of growth in the program, you gain experience, training, and expertise while attaining digital badges that can be publicly displayed on your signature line, LinkedIn profile and other social media outlets. With new modules always being developed, there are no limits to the benefits provided by SRAI’s LevelUP!

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