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Maximize Your SRAI Experience | How to Post on Connect

By SRAI News posted 05-11-2023 12:29 PM


Maximize Your SRAI Experience | How to Post on Connect

Welcome to the SRAI website, where you will find everything you need to Maximize Your SRAI Experience. This month we continue to share some tips about how to get the most out of this tool. Check out last month’s tips on Logging in and getting set up.

Welcome aboard, and thank you for flying with SRAI, where connecting you to what matters, matters most. (Totally didn’t steal this from Delta.) We are proud to provide you with service to our hub locales, such as the SRAI Open Forum.

I am your stewardess today, and I will show you how to post to Connect so that you can have a great time anywhere in the world we take you. 

Once you’ve landed on (logged into) the SRAI home page, you will board Connect, and then you can find your seat in Discussions.

When you enter the aircraft via Discussions, you will get a list of the most recent posts by members of the communities to which you belong. You can click the Thread Subject to read and join that conversation. From here, you can also start a new message by clicking the blue Post New Message box.

Select Post to community when you want to start a conversation. Your communities will be available in the dropdown menu. You can post in two communities by using the Cross post to option. Enter your Discussion subject and then your message. You have many formatting options available for the content of your message. When your message is ready to share, click the blue Post box. 

Do you need time to decide if you can handle the responsibility associated with sitting in an exit row? (Not comfortable pushing someone out of a tiny window?) No problem! You can take some time to think about your decision by using the Save as Draft option. You will receive confirmation that your draft has been saved.

When you’re ready to post your draft, you can flag down your wonderful stewardess, also known as My Profile. You can access your profile by clicking on your picture in the upper right-hand corner or selecting My Profile under Connect.

When your profile loads, select the My Contributions tab and My List of Contributions from the dropdown menu.

When you select My List of Contributions, all of your posts will load. You can quickly identify your draft messages by the gray DRAFT icon. The title of your draft is a hyperlink. Click and then edit away. 

The To, From, and Subject lines are grayed out because you can’t change them. If you want to update one of those, you will need to select Delete Draft and start again.

You can update the body of your message however you need. 

When your message is ready, you can Send it. You still have the option to Schedule (pick a later flight), Save as Draft, Delete Draft, or Cancel. Note that the Cancel option will only end your current action. The draft will still be there. You will need to delete it to get a refund. (Joking! Airlines don’t offer refunds.) You will have to confirm your intent to delete it.

You can also board the aircraft via Communities

When you choose this gate, you will be presented with an alphabetical list of all communities. You can request to Join the community if you are not already a member. For each community, you will see a light gray box called Discussions.

Click that link, and you will be taken to the discussions list for the community, and the blue Post New Message box will be available. From here, the instructions are the same as above. Your Post to community box defaults to that community, but you can change it via the dropdown menu if you find you are in the wrong place.

Note that if you are not a member of the community you have selected, you will be prompted to join.

As we leave the gate, ensure your seatbelt is fastened, and your seatback and tray are in their full upright position. Please settle in and have a wonderful flight. Thank you for flying with SRAI.

Contact SRAI at if you need help with your profile.

Authored by Kimberly Read, Director, Business & Research Administration
University of South Florida