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Level Up Your Career with SRAI's NEW MODULE in Research Compliance Frameworks!

Level Up Your Career with SRAI's NEW MODULE in Research Compliance Frameworks! Continue your education from the comfort of your home with SRAI's LevelUP Micro-Credentialing Program . With each module, you will have an opportunity to complete on average 4 hours of CEU credit, download a...

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We're Here to Help You Stay Strong! | LevelUP

We're here to help you stay strong! | LevelUP According to Statista, interest in buying dumbbells online has increased 725% over the last 30 days. Right now, building your professional strength is just as important building physical strength. It is the perfect time to invest in yourself, and...

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Make Sure Your Team is Ready

We're here to help you focus on the positive We know these are difficult times and you are doing your best to adapt policies and reassure employees. We want to help. Quality research administration skills will be even more critical when we come out of this crisis. We developed the ...

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LevelUP: Greetings SRAI!

LevelUP: Greetings SRAI! As we all know, funding is getting more competitive and the application process is more intricate and nuanced than ever before. Researchers and administrators must be more creative and rigorous to remain viable. Sponsors are increasingly pushing for collaborative...

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LevelUP: Propagating Professional Proficiency

LevelUP: Propagating Professional Proficiency It has been almost 2 years since SRA International first contacted me about contributing to a new research administration training platform. Having started my career with a research team lacking in research administration expertise, I can relate to...

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LevelUP: My Journey in Micro-Credentialing

LevelUP: My Journey in Micro-Credentialing The email read, “SRA International Education and Professional Development Committee (EPDC) is undergoing a massive project to develop a Professional Development Framework and a model for accreditation. We are developing a small task force of 6-8...

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View from the Top | LevelUP

Authored by Mark B. Hochman , PhD Director Research Management Resources Chair Micro-credentialing Task Force & Evan Roberts Executive Director SRAI By now you may have realized that SRAI is about to embark on the first step of perhaps its most ambitious project ever – the release on...

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LevelUP, a New Horizon in Professional Development Brought to You by SRAI

Authored by Evan Roberts on behalf of the Micro-credentialing Task Force CEO SRA International Identifying, developing and maintaining the foundational skills to be a successful research administrator can be challenging. Early in our careers, we are reminded daily of the things we had yet to...