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Note from the Editor | Peak Grant Season & Fall Colors

By SRAI News posted 10-13-2021 02:30 PM


Note from the Editor | Peak Grant Season & Fall Colors

In my part of the world, Canada, when October rolls around we’re in high gear, whether it’s helping researchers through the peak granting season or celebrating turkey (or tofu) Thanksgiving traditions. Even the beautiful fall colors are in high gear! 

This month’s edition reflects this same mood of activity and anticipation. In our feature article, SRAI Division chairs discuss hot topics for their members during COVID. (Hint, expect to hear more from the Divisions in future editions.) 

In her View from the Top, Debra Schaller-Demers reminds us of the many great learning and connecting opportunities at the Annual Meeting in NOLA later this month, as well as other upcoming SRAI educational offerings. Gina Hedberg provides personal and professional tips for your NOLA experience. For our international members, Floris van der Leest describes the upcoming Inaugural Virtual International Convention for Research Administrators in early 2022. 

On the lighter side, Tyler Tulloch reveals Sandra Justice’s “secret life” of writing comedy with a local theater group. In addition, Heather Brown reports on the monthly poll about office efficiency.  

And to finish off, the word on the street is that the Catalyst will be out in full force in NOLA to bring you, our readers, the best of the annual meeting, including some of those interesting behind-the-scenes stories. Stay tuned for November to find out what you missed!

Authored by Terry Campbell, Assistant Vice President, Research Services
University of Ottawa
SRAI Catalyst Co-editor