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Insights on iSRA’s First Virtual Conference

Insights on iSRA’s First Virtual Conference In light of current situations regarding COVID-19 and the cancelling of our Spring Section meetings, SRAI hosted a new and flexible education opportunity for the community – an iSRA Virtual Conference

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Enabling Collaborative Work in Higher Education: An Exploration of Enhancing Research Collaborations Within an Institution

It uses analytic tools from Social Network Analysis to provide insight into the patterns and dynamics of collaborations among researchers within the institution. The insights are used to inform the institution’s formulation of strategies to enhance research collaboration, including strategies for research development, research community engagement and talent retention

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View from the Top | You never stop learning - New Discoveries in the Journey of a SRAI Board Member

#Catalyst #June2019 #ViewfromtheTop #insights #Membership

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View from the Top | Managing Expectations and Perceptions During a Pandemic

I was going to write about Leadership insights to get you all excited about registering for the Research Leadership Intensive that I normally present with my dear friend and colleague, Dr

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P.S. Finding Your Why

Authored by: Susan Wyatt Sedwick , CRA, Senior Consulting Associate Attain LLC #Catalyst #October2019 #insights

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LevelUP: Propagating Professional Proficiency

LevelUP gave me the opportunity to give back to the community and share some insights gathered through a lot of trial and error

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Operational and Fiscal Management of Core Facilities: A Survey of Chief Research Officers

There are significant challenges to managing and funding core facilities; the present study provides new insights into the various strategies and tactics being taken by CROs to address these real and perceived challenges

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View from the Top | New Year, Same Challenges, New You

Authored by Gloria Greene , Director, Office of Sponsored Programs The University of Alabama in Huntsville #Catalyst #Febraury2020 #ViewfromtheTop #insights

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Science and Security: The Ongoing Saga

Have some insights to share – send them to or post in Connect. Authored by Debra Schaller-Demers, Senior Director, Research Outreach and Compliance Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center SRAI President Elect #Catalyst #insights #February2020 #ScienceSecurity ​​​​